Kamiko Matsui

The Beauty & The Beast
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Kamiko Matsui

Full Name: Kamiko Matsui
Pseudonym: Kami, Miko
Gender: Woman/Non-binary
Species: Miqo'te - Keeper of the Sun
Age: 33
Birthday: 17th Sunday of the 5th Astral Moon
Sexuality: Pansexual/Demisexual (Specifically sapiosexual), polyamorous,
Role: Dominant
Height: 4'11"
Build: Petite but curvy
Hair Color: Obsidian black with hints of crimson
Eye Color: Dark grey
Skin Color: Olive
Distinguishing Marks: full body tattoos
FAMILY - None known (parents have passed)Partner: Draxxus ErestemA known deviant. Head of The Sinners Sanctum.18+ | 21+ preferred | Dark RP/ ERP friendly

RP Hooks


♥ Knowledge of any kind. Kamiko loves books, reading and delving into unexplored or forbidden knowledge.
♥ Asking about her horns.
♥ Being a librarian/lounge owner
♥ Growing up in Limsa
♥ Becoming a scholar


♥ Anything to do with voidsent or otherworldly beings.
♥ Talks of summoning.
♥ Discussions of other worlds and/or shards.
♥ Her field of research at Sharlayan


♥ Shady dealings. She's a good resource of extracting information from people.
♥ The darker side of Kamiko which often comes out when faced with a sense of danger.
♥ Corrupted aether
♥ Her ability to "walk between worlds"
♥ Her birth name (J'iashi Ninko)

Kamiko had a relatively normal upbringing having
been born in the nautical city of Limsa Lominsa.
Throughout her youth she was always glued to her books, ever learning about the way the world around her worked. Her home life was rather uneventful. Her mother was a seamstress and her father was lost at sea. Shortly after losing her father, her mother passed away of a broken heart (or at least that's what Kamiko will say).Being orphaned, she lost herself in the collection of books she surrounded herself with to help ease or numb the pain.Her studies afforded her a great deal of success and a place at Sharlayan to continue to contribute her findings as well as find new discoveries.All of that ended however when her natural curiosity got the best of her. She became a top contributor for researching the void and it's inhabitants which lead her down a rabbit hole of some of the deepest and darkest secrets that Sharlayan had to offer.Upon following that path, Kamiko accidentally found a way to cross into that plane of existence long enough to have her aether corrupted.The amount of time she was gone is truly unknown as time moves differently from shard to shard. Though, from the time spent in the void (or the Thirteenth) she ended up creating a life, working her way up the ranks as a "succubus" (not in the typical sense of taking the corpse of a dead maiden). She was a useful asset to those there for her immense knowledge and discoveries that the denizens of the Thirteenth had only reached the precipice for. That was part of the only cause of her stabilization and the halting of her full aether being corrupted.She spent time learning how to manipulate aether by using her previous knowledge to the discoveries found during her stay there which has allowed her to find her way back to Eorzea; though it's not without it's pitfalls. For some she has become a tool to use for money, power, lust and other self-serving reasons.Time has since passed and there has been love had and lost. Kami has also gotten her hands dirtier than anticipated and in doing such as unintentionally become a Void Lord.So I suppose the next part is up to you. Do you dare to come close enough?

OOC Info

I'm a 30+ non-binary woman (yes we exist)
I use They/She pronouns
Pan & Polyam
I've been RPing for over 13 years in an MMORPG setting.
I play TTRPGs for a living.

I am a firm believer in human rights.
I am fiercely pro-choice, BLM, Pro-science, pro-vax, LQBTQIA+, Trans rights are human rights, accessibility shouldn't be optional, games are for everyone, etc.
Truly, if you don't believe in that then I'm not the person for you. ♥

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